A combination of various communities, nodes, landmarks and paths is how we
associate Chembur with.

This sense of belonging can be experienced by one who was born and bred in it. Chembur Festival is one such expression.
The festival aims at reviving, rejuvenating and propagating the character of Chembur. It offers opportunities to the new, and glory to the ones who have reached the pinnacle of their careers.

Chembur Festival was initiated in the year 2011 by Chembur Citizen's Welfare Association. Led by Secretary Ms. Suprada Phaterpekar and Mr.Prakash Phaterpekar, the festival has taken a new shape and evolved over the years. The committee consists of enthusiastic youngsters who are eager to give something back to society. With help of constant guidance of the community, Chembur Festival is ready to scale new heights every year.